Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2017 Measures No. 1) Bill now sent to Senate

This is a win! The Department of Health, TGA and the Health Minister’s Office have been trying to bypass the Senate Committee system on this Bill arguing that it was non-controversial! Which it is not!





But, first the Greens, and then Labor, responded to requests to get the Bill reviewed by the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee.

A public hearing was requested but apparently was rejected because of short time-frame encompassing Christmas & New Year.

The Committee now invites written submissions by 12 January 2018. For ideas see:

Also, “TGA Consultation Submissions: Regulatory reform of complementary medicines and advertising

And, “Update on advertising and complementary medicine reform“.

The Committee prefers to receive submissions online as an attached document by accessing the committee website and selecting the Upload Submission Online link at: Alternatively, submissions may be emailed as an attached document to or by hard copy to the address below.

Submissions become Committee documents and are made public only after a decision by the Committee. Publication of submissions includes loading them onto the Internet and making them available to other interested parties including the media. Persons making submissions must not release them without the approval of the Committee. Submissions are covered by parliamentary privilege but the unauthorised release of them is not protected. Information relating to Senate Committee inquiries, including notes to assist in the preparation of submissions and a submission checklist can be located on the Internet at:

If you require further information please contact the Committee secretariat on (02) 6277 3585.


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2 Responses to Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2017 Measures No. 1) Bill now sent to Senate

  1. Dave Bath says:

    Is this the one where the labels of indications include things about as real as “disgruntled aura” or “confused chakras” or “misaligned horoscope”.
    If so, not only should “no support for the idea that X cures Y” be on the label but “science does not recognize ‘misaligned horoscope’ as a real condition” or something along those lines. Any ideas as to what the wording should be for “there is no such thing as X, so you don’t need anything to fix it”.

    Seriously, the list of indications has so little scientific basis, “demonic possession” could be included – because if the TGA has a reason to exclude demonic possession, it can exclude confused shakras.

    • Yes, the current TGA list (submitted by industry) contains around 1000 indications for “traditional medicines” such as Homeopathic products, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Ayurveda and others. It includes such gems as Balance aggravated Vata (Traditional Ayurvedic medicine only), Harmonise middle burner, Spleen and Stomach (Chinese medicine tradition of use), Dispel/expel/extinguish/disperse/clear External Wind (Chinese medicine tradition of use) and Helps enhance/promote uterine health and Galactogogue/lactogogue/improve breast milk production (Tradition of use, unspecified).

      The TGA appears to have been captured by industry by its endorsement of pseudoscience, see also, “TGA provides complementary medicine industry with “Get Out of Jail Free card”,

      Submissions to the Senate against this craziness are required:…/Community…/TGA2017MeasuresNo1

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