TGA Complaint Handling – Our submission

There was considerable support for the concept of single body taking over the existing Therapeutic Goods Advertising Complaint System to provide a single, more efficient, complaint body, with powers to apply timely and meaningful sanctions for regulatory violations.

The Government then decided that the TGA would assume responsibility for handling all complaints about therapeutic goods advertisements directed to the public from 1 July 2018. This model would be independently reviewed after three years of operation to determine whether it was the most effective solution.

However, the TGA’s proposals for the  implementation of the new Therapeutic Goods Advertising Complaint Handling System leaves a lot to be desired!

Our submission (endorsed by Friends of Science in Medicine) notes that the TGA’s new system will be much less transparent than the current Complaint Resolution Panel; very convenient for both the TGA and Industry, but not for consumers or complainants.

We also reiterate the point made in other submissions; unless the TGA accepts that consumer protection is an equal objective to industry assistance, and gains the will to act, a revised Code and complaint system (including increased penalties and sanctions) will have no more impact than the current dysfunctional system.

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