Launch of TGA Advertising Hub – Initial experience of submitting complaints

The TGA Advertising hub has noted:

“We are experiencing intermittent IT issues that are impacting this form. If you experience an error lodging a complaint, please try again later. We are working to fix this issue as a matter of priority”.

This problem now seems to have been fixed.

However,  [30/07/2018, from TGA Advertising Complaints and Compliance Unit]:

“Thank you for your email and notifying us of the issue with ARTG entries in complaints submitted via the web portal. We are aware that there are certain ARTG entries which will not come up when searched for and this issue is being investigated.”

 Regardless, I’ve now been able to submit the following complaints that I’ve suggested are high priority (with nos 11, 12, 14 & 17 suggested to have critical priority).

They are mainly based on previous complaints upheld by the CRP but whose sponsor (and others) continue to make claims that were determined to breach the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. Exceptions are 14, 17, 18 & 19-30.

  1. 5 July 2018, Pharmacare Laboratories Ease-a-cold products, AL-B81GN1V3/2018
  2. 6 July 2018, Pharmacare Laboratories Promensil Menopause products, AC-4I7BPN1V/2018.
  3. 6 July 2018, Pharmacare Laboratories FatBlaster FatMagnet products, AC-GBKDH2XG/2018
  4. 7 July 2018, Pharmacare Laboratories Nature’s Way Magnesium Products, AC-GOZU449N/2018
  5. 9 July 2018, Pharmacare Laboratories Sambucol Products, AC-FR55H9ST/2018
  6. 10 July 2018, Weleda Arnica Homeopathic Products, AC-I9WC23OP/2018
  7. 12 July 2018, Pretorius, Bioglan, Healthy Care Homeopathic Products,  AC-9NXC9UV6/2018
  8. 13 July 2018, Brauer (Homeopathic) Products, AC-PDKHURWV/2018
  9. 15 July 2018, Au Remedial, Pain®Gone and Pain®Gone Plus,  AC-KD45638R/2018
  10. 24 July 2018, Numerous sponsors, The ongoing and dangerous promotion of ear candles (updated 5/1/2019), AC-5TMWIYHC/2018
  11. 30 July 2018, Sawyer Extractor™ Pump for Snake Bite, AC-22VHXCSG/2018
  12. 30 July 2018, BioRevive® Hydrodol® Hangover Relief Products, AC-MW9QQH4F/2018
  13. 3 August 2018, Brand Developers Australia Pty Ltd – Pain Erazor, AC-E7JS15BB/2018
  14. 7 August 2018, Multiple Hangover products: Plus Daily Ltd Recoverthol, Clever Health Rejoove, Body Armour Pty Ltd Hangover Relief, D & X Pty Ltd Hey! King Premium Hangover Relief; AC-JY0FXQ3S/2018
  15. 16 August 2018, Pharmacare Laboratories Weight Loss Products, Additional information requested, AC-NJ15VLQ9/2018.
  16. 21 August 2018, Detox Foot Patches / Pads, AC-UA26W8I4/2018
  17. 10 September 2018, Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Rapid Recovery Hangover Relief, AC-EN0KHC4U/2018
  18. 11 September 2018, PINPOINT Bright Brains (Bacopa Monnieri), AC-X0BCJTUU/2018
  19. 20 September 2018, New Life Health Products 14 Day Smart Cleanse, AC-8ZECEICA/2018
  20. 20 September 2018, Export Corporation Australia Pty Ltd, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, AC-SDS3HO9Q/2018
  21. 16 October 2019, A Menarini Australia Pty Ltd – Seremind, AC-CE8WFJYQ/2018
  22. 02 November 2018, Swisse Ultiboost Co-enzyme Q10, AC-9ZFYC2IB/2018
  23. 08 November 2018, Nature’s Care CoEnzyme Q10 , AC-GV0EUHBY/2018
  24. 08 November 2018, Bioglan CoQ10, AC-VMY82VS1/2018
  25. 16 November 2018, Blackmores CoQ10 AC-41SKDOFE/2018
  26. 28 November 2018, Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Ginkgo, AC-JJPZUJ0G/2018
  27. 29 November 2018, Cabot Health Ultra Potent Selenium, AC-YVO8MW50/2018
  28. 28 November 2018, Swisse Ultiboost Lecithin, AC-JBQA7UJM/2018
  29. 6 December 2018, Evolution Health, Liver Support Probiotic, AL-IP17Y7E6/2018
  30. 11 December 2018,  Evolution Supplements – The King Kong Stack, AC-C7NJIKYV/2018
  31. 13 December 2018, Polarbare Club Whole Body Cryotherapy (JUKA Cryosauna), AC-SK500GAY/2018

No 12, “BioRevive® Hydrodol® Hangover Relief Product” complaint is also a nice example of the failure of the TGA’s new “permissible indications” determination to make any impact on sponsors.

ARTG 304289 HYDRODOL Hangover Relief, Jumbo was listed on 14/06/2018 and uses several of the new “permissible indications” for “cleansing/detoxification”.

These have the caveat, “Product presentation must not imply or refer to drugs/alcohol”, which the sponsor duly added to the ARTG summary but then ignored in their ongoing promotion!

There are now numerous complaint “outcomes” appearing on the TGA web site . Most appear to have been assessed by the TGA as “low priority” and closed with ‘Compliance notice sent with educational material”.

There are no details of the complaint, product or sponsor that would enable one to check the priority assigned, let alone see if the “notice” actually achieved compliance!  As predicted, very convenient for the sponsor and the TGA .

I also now have a complaint “outcome”  for  Pharmacare Laboratories Ease-a-cold products in which the TGA asserted that in all cases that a breach was found, compliance was achieved by formal contact, without any other action required. I dispute the compliance was achieved.

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