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TGA clears Clive Palmer’s coronavirus ‘cure’ advertisement

It was reported that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has dropped its investigation into newspaper advertisements taken out by the former federal politician Clive Palmer which said, ‘hydroxychloroquine was the best hope for those suffering COVID-19’. An advertisement is defined in the … Continue reading


COVID-19 Scams: MMSAUSTRALIA.COM.AU – Chlorine dioxide currently describes itself as a ‘Ministry of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing’. It promotes and sells Master Mineral Solution (MMS) – chlorine dioxide (a bleach) as a ‘sacrament of the Church’. For example, ‘Jim Humble Approved … Continue reading


Pre-approval of advertisements for therapeutic goods ends on 30 June 2020.

Why remove pre-approval? Pre-approval of advertisements aimed to increase compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. However, it had substantial limitations. It only applied to advertisements for medicines, not medical devices, and only to those in ‘specified media’. The latter … Continue reading

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Monash SPHPM Therapeutic Goods and Services Research Group 2020 pre- & post-COVID-19

Our action-orientated research helps consumers and health professionals make more informed choices about medicines and medical devices. We do this by analysing policy, making submissions to government, submitting complaints about unethical practice, encouraging regulators to act, being a credible source … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Scams: Hydrogen Technologies Pty Ltd

‘GROUNDBREAKING HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY SHOWS SIGNIFICANT POTENTIAL FOR FIGHTING CORONAVIRUS’ On 14 April 2020 a press release from Hydrogen Technologies Pty Ltd said: ‘Molecular hydrogen and oxygen technology is not only helping open the airways ofCoronavirus victims by reducing the inflammation … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Scams: Pete Evans BioCharger device

A $15,000 BioCharger device was recently spruiked by celebrity chef Pete Evans who claimed it could treat a range of ailments, including COVID-19. “It’s programmed with about 1,000 different recipes, there’s one in there for the Wuhan coronavirus,” Evans said. … Continue reading

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COVID-19 scams: BergaMet Pro +

On 9 April, 2020 the web site for BergaMet Pro + claimed, ‘Ingredients in BergaMet Pro + provide a resistance to infectious pathogens such as SARS and COVID-19’ (appended). This implied claim to prevent or cure COVID-19 resulted in a … Continue reading

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Professional misconduct: IV clinic pharmacist found guilty

In December 2015, two Monash summer vacation scholarship students helped me work up a complaint to the Pharmacy Board of Australia. The complaint alleged professional misconduct by IV clinic pharmacist, Shadi Kazeme. The Hydration Clinic was based at a … Continue reading

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