ABC 7:30 report – Should alternative medicines have their government rebate cut?

Regrettably a typical TV short report that provided the opinions of all and could not deal with the key issues in any depth.

Clearly there is a difference between exercise modalities  such as Yoga, Pilates, Tia Chi and therapeutic modalities such as homeopathy and iridology!

The former are sensible (and recommended) preventative health modalities even if there was little evidence from the NHMRC review about their effectiveness in various diseases (which was a different question). See:

The latter have considerable evidence (over a long time) of their ineffectiveness. Hence my concern about lumping them all together with the statement that, “the absence of evidence does not mean that the therapies evaluated do or do not work”.

I go to the local council gym 2-3 times a week for preventative health reasons but there is no private health insurance rebate for that!

I agree with ADAM STANKEVICIUS (CHF): “I think the Government needs to as soon as possible release the report, so that we know exactly what we’re talking about and then we need a good public debate on exactly what it is that’s covered by private health insurance”.

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