ABC Australia+ removes Monash & Swisse logos from its own

In response to letters expressing concern about the perceived relationship between the ABC, Swisse and Monash, the Monash VC (Margaret Gardner) has  stated,

“The Monash partnership is a stand-alone partnership with ABC International and is in no way a partnership with Swisse or the Victorian Government.  Some stakeholders were initially concerned this was not the case, given that the Monash University logo appeared on the ABC International website alongside the logos of their other partners the Victorian Government and Swisse.  Following the initial announcement of partnerships, ABC International has made iterative changes to its website, including how it has acknowledged and presented its partner organisations”.

The changes made can be seen below. First of all, the Monash, Swisse and Victorian government logos have been removed from the logo of ABC Australia +, see below:

ABC Australia+ new logo

Second, placed above (and separate) there are now rotating images of the “partners”, see below:New ABC Monash logo

ABC Swisse

ABC Vic Gov

A considerable improvement!

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