AMI begat MWI begat AMHC begat ACTIVATE

Here we go again; Geoff Jowett spruiks yet another weight loss scam (Activate) while the regulators (NSW HCCC) apparently do nothing.

“Get started for just a single dollar… watch the introduction videos… and start your weight loss journey… Once you prove to yourself that this is THE SOLUTION you’ve been dreaming of… Then, you will be automatically charged $67 each week for the 4 week duration of the program (full lifetime investment = only $268).”

activate“Create Your Perfect Life In The Next 30 Days…

Impossible? Not at all… In fact, one well-known Sydney medical doctor has described this as potentially the “greatest weight loss breakthrough in a generation…”

This discovery was made by Geoff Jowett, the creator of Bodytrim, Australia’s most successful weight loss program. He is also the co-founder of the Medical Weight Loss Institute (MWI) and Vision Fitness”.

See also: More on MWI; prescribing dangerous drugs banned in Australia

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