Another ineffective TGA complaint outcome: Detox Foot Pads Scams

Image purporting to show toxins withdrawn by detox foot pads. From (6/9/18):

This product is on the ARTG no: 148412, sponsor: Rebark Trading Pty Ltd – Absorbent; Intended purpose: to absorb (to draw into itself) undesired toxins from the body.

My complaint about Detox Foot Pads / Patches noted there have been at least 33 complaints upheld by the CRP about this well-known scam.

This including two referrals to the Secretary (2010-10-016) and (2017/09/010).  I can find no outcome on the TGA web site for the latter. However, the former resulted in a “Regulation 9 order” against Happy Feet Detox Foot Patches. The delegate of the Secretary ordered the sponsor:

“to withdraw any representations that the advertised product can detoxify the body, remove or “draw out” toxins from the body, help the body function more effectively, or offer therapeutic benefits in relation to stress, excessive alcohol intake, nicotine consumption, poor diet, environmental contaminants, pollutants or harmful chemicals.”

More recently, the CRP sent an additional 22 complaints to the TGA because they required regulatory action rather than repeatedly upholding complaints with determinations that had no effect. The TGA appears to have taken no action about these referrals.

I now have the “outcome” of seventeen additional documented complaints I sent to the TGA (AC-UA26W8I4/2018); all were regarded as “low priority” and closed by sending an educational letter.  Meanwhile, the promotion complained about continues, e.g.

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