Australian Health expert unhappy with ABC’s Swisse deal


This “partnership” continues to attract media interest:

On 24 August 2016, the Vice Chancellor of Monash University, Margaret Gardner, wrote:

“There is no partnership between Monash and Swisse.  Monash has a partnership with ABC International, which was put in place last year.  This partnership is to provide communications across the region about Monash research, education, staff, students and alumni. …”

This begs the question as to why the Monash logo appears with Swisse on the ABC International promotion (above) and why these words were not used in the various press releases and media stories publicising the deal. The fact remains that Monash is damned by association. Why did they not insist on due diligence regarding what additional sponsors ABC International was going to line up?

Meanwhile, Swisse responds with a full page advertisement in “The Age” newspaper.


My comment: Victorian taxes at work; exporting unnecessary supplements to countries that need genuine medicines and public health interventions (and profits to China).

On August 25, 2016 Croaky was told by Monash Management,

“To suggest that because ABC International’s other partner logos appear on their website there is an inter-relationship between them, is false and misleading”.

However, I suggest that the average consumer, on viewing the adjacent logos, would come to a different conclusion. I believe the message in the above image is clear; on the one hand it’s worth a fortune to Swisse to have their brand linked in this way; on the other the reputation of Monash University (and the ABC and the Victorian Government) is now irreversibly linked to Swisse.

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