Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)

AMI begat MWI begat AMHC…. These guys are incorrigible….

TestosteroneNow, following the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) and the Medical Weightloss Institute (MWI) we have the Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)!

What are the regulators doing? Are they merely paper tigers?

Consumer protection requires that the people spruiking MWI and AHMC be stopped immediately.

The victims of these scams are not just being ripped off financially but are also likely to also have direct and indirect detriment to their health. Direct health detriment can come from the adverse effects and drug interactions of the “hundreds of different medications” they tailor-make for an individual. Indirect health detriment can result from failure to diagnose underlying conditions and a delay in seeking more evidence-based treatment.

An appropriate regulatory tool would be to apply for an injunction (a court order) to take down the offending websites and Facebook material and place a full page retraction of claims in “The Age Green Guide”. Retractions are important as they correct egregious misinformation that has previously been promulgated.

Penalties should then follow. AHPRA and the Medical Council of NSW should deregister Dr Goyer and the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission should make a public warning about AMHC as they recently did for MWI. In addition, Jowett (an unregistered health practitioner) should be permanently prohibited from providing health services.

See (June 24, 2016) “Yet another weight loss scam (Dr Thomas Goyer)

Then (on July 28, 2016), there was another full page advertisement in “The Age Green Guide” titled, “Medical Team Discovers How To Optimise Hormones For Weight Loss“.


And Dr Goyer is still being spruiked by Geoff Jowett in a number of MWI Facebook videos. For example, Dr Tom Goyer & MWI:

“Dr Tom Goyer knows more about medical weight loss treatments than any other medical doctor that I’ve met, That’s why I teamed up with him. I’m friends with a lot of medical doctors luckily enough but no one knows as much as Dr Tom when it comes to weight loss; medical weight loss. So my only concern with talking to your GP is that they don’t know what we know. They don’t know the medical treatments, they don’t have the tailor made plans that we have and they don’t have access to all of the different protocols that we have so that they may not know what it is that we are prescribing or suggesting or doing. So it is a little bit fraught with danger.So I encourage you to trust me a little bit; I’ve been doing it for 20 years. I guess if I didn’t know what I was doing I wouldn’t still be in the weight loss industry…”

And now we have the Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC) also spruiked by Geoff Jowett



And (May 20, 2017): Dr Tom Goyer now in cosmetic medicine after working in two discredited clinics

And still (July 13, 2017) full page advertisements in national papers continue!

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27 Responses to Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)

  1. I rang them on 08 Aug to find out about this paper ad breakthrough spoke to Kej Kulane said it’s all natural products for 6 months treatment which last forever,tried to get $1250.00 payment over the phone full payment is $2500.00 pay off monthly could be injection or tablets depends on blood test no mention of free consultation just give me your credit card now everything is very safe. I e-mailed Kej next day advised him i will consult my sports Doctor first

  2. Progressive Thinker says:

    After researching this subject I came to your article, and I have to agree with you that AHPRA, Medical Council of Australia and NSW Health Care Complaints Commission appear to be toothless tigers and the concerns you raise are valid. I have to say tho that this does not surprise me that snake oil is so popular today considering the amount of medications sold and promoted by pharmacists e.g. Cold and Flu compounds, creams & lotions which in practice appear to do nothing to minimise, prevent, alleviate or cure anything. I hope theses are not the “evidence based treatments” you refer to.
    Is this a case of throwing stones whilst living in glass houses, I think the whole health industry needs a damn good shake up – to start with people should be encouraged to take product back to pharmacies that don’t alleviate symptoms and ask for their money back only then would the health industry grow a conscience, far too long have they lived on the back past generations respect for the medical industry, its about time they started earning it.
    Only when you have eradicated your own snake oil practices can you eliminate those of others

  3. gemma says:

    My husband fell for this and paid the money no questioned asked. How can can we get it back?

    • Dr Ken Harvey says:

      Under Australian Consumer Law suppliers guarantee that services will be reasonably fit for any purpose specified and any products resulting from the services are also fit for that purpose.

      The services and medicines provided by MWI and AMHC; its doctors and chief spruiker Geoff Jowett are clearly not fit for purpose as the appended press article show. Dr Goyer is not a weight loss expert and has been in trouble with the Medical Board before as shown by the conditions on his registration. Geoff Jowett was last year declared bankrupt.

      So, ask for your money back; if that does not produce a response go to your State small claims tribunal.


  4. Leonard says:

    the latest ad is for low Testosterone

    My Dr said too many dangerous side effects to be still worked out in regards to raising the levels in older men.

    That was a few years ago. The ad made me wonder if there was something new ?

  5. Philip Washington says:

    I have several medical problems. IE: depression , reduced lung capacity due to exposure to asbestos causing continuous coughing & massive fatigue. Sleeping up to 14 hours in 24. In desperation I followed up the full page ad. in the australian. I am normally a very cautious person but Levi from AMHC was very smooth. I still cannot believe I went for it, except I have some really big lows. They have not sent any follow forms & not returned my calls. Have you any examples of people getting their money back ?

  6. Philip Washington says:

    Thank you Dr Ken, you have given me hope that I may see my money. I shall be trying first thing tomorrow [3.1.17 ] I will keep you posted on the outcome.
    Best regards. Phil Washington.

  7. Monte kakoschke says:

    Thank you for your comments and information provided here. I was quite taken aback after being told the cost of the program offered with no certainty of a successful outcome especially when I have had multiple myeloma which is in remission after stem cell transplant. Despite informing the consultant of this I could not get anything better than a quote, I would have been a little happier if I had been referred to a practitioner who could provide a reasonable assessment not just a sales pitch. An unconvincing one at that
    I shall decline any offer tomorrow.

  8. Wayne Smith says:

    I too was scammed by AMHC and I am only writing this as I am outraged to see they are advertising once again in my Sunday newspaper.

    This mob of arseholes should be shut down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    First they try to take you for $2500… Fortunately I only agreed to $416.66 per month for 6 months. Yes you do get a note for blood tests and then you get a phone consult with they say a Doctor and then you get pills and some “testosterone” cream.

    Then after about 4 weeks I ran out and could not get a response by phone or email. About 6 weeks went by and finally got the apologies and some more pills and cream.
    After that I cancelled my credit card. Then came the abusive phone call that they could not get the monthly payment. I calmly said that if they took it further I would contact consumer protection and complain.
    I have heard nothing more since and have given up on the $1250 they got. So beware of these people and if you look there are specialist doctors that can help you with low testosterone if you have a look around.

  9. And AMHC continue to take out full page advertisements in national newspapers and their website is flashier than ever.

    I’m not sure how the regulators sleep at night allowing these scams to continue to rip off patients, burden the government and taxpayers with the cost of unnecessary pathology tests, and put patients at risk from inappropriate prescribing.

    But I understand that the ABC is about to do another follow-up their story on MWI with another one on AMHC.

  10. Ray says:

    Thankyou Dr Harvey. What a relief to see people speaking up. I have all but given up on any hope of recovering $2400 lost.

    I requested a refund around June last year and things got very nasty. When I explained that the cream didn’t seem to have any effect I was advised by somebody who was clearly not a doctor to “double the dose”.

    When I said I wished to discuss it with our own family doctor I was forcibly told it was a bad idea.

    My wife and myself are both on the pension. Its quite sad actually as we discussed the idea together. She offered to forgo our regular trip to the Gold Coast to free up the money for AMHC.

    I cannot expect to see a cent of it.

    It is also quite distressing to see the advertisements in the weekend paper. Something should be done about these crooks. My local doctor, who I should have seen in the first place, told us that these same “crooks” (his words) were originally selling unauthorized stem cell treatment. So it seems this is not the first scam. He also explained that he could write me a prescription for the same thing. But that it was possibly unsafe.

    Please keep up the pressure. Something must be done to prevent others falling victim to these rotten mongrels.

  11. Mike says:

    I too was fooled by there full page ad in a national newspaper,and after many phone calls finally got through to them ( thinking these guy must be flat out ! But inhindsight these guys were screening/ dodging unhappy costumers) on the first phone call / consultation ha ha I was assured that if I was unsuitable ( such as high PSA levels ) I would be refunded. And I was diagnosed with extremely high PSA and after months of doctors/ specialist ( now go through mir scans/more test and yet to be diagnosed but not looking good). I couldn’t go through with the treatment so after many unanswered phone calls I finally got to a new lady ( seem to go through a lot of staff) who said she would process my refund in 28 days but after 2 months still haven’t hear anything ( no one answers the phone numbers I have !!) I sent email today demanding my refund and legal action !!!! And after reading the previous complaints I’ll be going to the small claims tribunals and thanks to DR Ken Harveys answers and guidance ( also I think these newspapers should be held responsible for allowing these cons to advertise in there so call media)

  12. Mike says:

    Well after my last review on this page ( as above) within 24 hours I get a email saying my refund will be in my account in 24/48 hours and it was Not the full amount but I did have a 20 minute conversation with there doctor covering every aspect of my blood test and without that blood test I would have not found out that I had prostrate problems So I retract all the negative comments I made on the 11 May And I thank AMHC for there help and compassion in sorting this out
    Thank you Mike

  13. Chris Mwpcs says:

    I agree that scammers need to be put to task and removed from ripping people off. There are many people out there who get hurt with such practises and the sooner they get exposed and removed the better.
    Where I disagree is how the FDA state Testosterone should not be used with normal ageing but only used when there is an underlying medical condition. Here goes the government yet again attempting to disallow men to have access to pharmaceutical quality products that improve your life. Funny, if a woman goes wants a sex change it is a lot easier for them to get TRT than men. That seems at odds with me personally. It is little wonder the underground steroid providers are doing so well.

    It is time men get a fair go with and quit this rubbish we have to allow the ageing process to take its course. No, you don’t. As humans look to an age of living beyond a century this is one more tool to allow longevity and our medical providers need to get skilled up. It is pretty sad when I spoke to my GP I have more understanding about this subject than he did. He even stated that it sounded like I had more knowledge on the matter.

    It is only through reading medical trials you start to learn the truth so do some homework and be better prepared in your knowledge. I am 51 years old and will embark on TRT with or without a GP. Obviously I would prefer to be managed by my doctor but if they are unwilling all I will ask for is blood panel work to ensure things stay within an acceptable range. Maybe one day men will get a fair go as they age but until our medical profession can embrace the advances in science for us we have little hope.

  14. jamie says:

    so it all a waste of time and $$$

  15. Eddy says:

    I am going through same “trying to phone them” – paid $1500 for 6 mths and a further $1500 recently for further 12 mths supply of capsules and cream – renewed 3 times now this month SEP only an answering machine – phoned the dispensing chemist who advised they have not been paid either and seems AMHC has “gone” – ripped off??

  16. Brian says:

    Well…. it seems I too have fallen for this shit. … Spent $1900 for the 6mth program…. I have just run out of my first lot of pills etc….. no answer via phone or email…. website closed down…..

    I feel no different having taken any of the pills. Not sure what my next should be? Any suggestions anyone?

  17. Eddy says:

    I just received an automated reply from AMHC (23SEP17) advising –
    Amhc went into liquidation and is no longer trading.
    Please contact Company: DVT Group
    Contact: David Solomons for further assistance.
    not impressed

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