Can a few zaps a day keep the pain away?

A nice article written by one of my Summer Vacation research assistants, Abdullah Sheriffdeen: ‘Can a few zaps a day keep the pain away?

Abdullah spent the summer of 2019 following up complaints sent to the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) which had been classified as ‘low risk’ and ‘closed’ by the regulator by sending a Regulatory Obligations letter to the advertiser. Complaints about Pain Erazor and the Pain®Gone pen were two pain-zapping products he reviewed.  As expected, the TGA educational letter (which states that no further action will be taken) had no effect on ongoing promotion.

So, can a few zaps a day keep the pain away? With the exception of a possible placebo response, the answer is NO. Also, the Prime Minister might say, ‘How good is the TGA!’. We say, ‘There is considerable room for improvement!’

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