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TGA allows alcohol as a reward for COVID-19 vaccination

TGA rules initially prohibited alcohol, tobacco, or registered medicines from being offered as rewards to those who had received full COVID-19 vaccination. Accordingly, they had told the Prince Alfred Hotel in Port Melbourne to stop offering complimentary alcoholic beverages to vaccinated … Continue reading

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Complementary medicines weight loss complaints submitted to the TGA in 2018-2019. Follow-up in February 2021.

From July 2018 to July 2019, complaints about a convenience sample of twenty-tw0 complementary medicine weight loss products, by eight sponsors, advertised on 140 different Internet sites (cases) were submitted to the TGA. FatBlaster products sponsored by Cat Media (Naturopathica) … Continue reading

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Unnecessary, expensive and potentially dangerous supplements consumed by older Australians

A new study found almost 75% of older Australians take at least one type of dietary supplement or complementary medicine, most of which are not recommended by current medical opinion. The researchers said that the widespread use of complementary medicine … Continue reading

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Complaints to the TGA by Monash SPHPM Summer Vacation Scholarship students

Lucy Romanoff investigated the illegal promotion and supply of body-building supplements in Australia. This problem was highlighted by the ABC earlier this year, but no action has been taken by the TGA about the products mentioned. One ingredient mentioned by … Continue reading

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Lighter Footprints Climate Change Forum: Hawthorn Arts Centre 30/10/18

Excellent meeting with over 400 people attending. Many suggestions for action. See also: and by

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Another ineffective TGA complaint outcome: Detox Foot Pads Scams

Image purporting to show toxins withdrawn by detox foot pads. From (6/9/18): This product is on the ARTG no: 148412, sponsor: Rebark Trading Pty Ltd – Absorbent; Intended purpose: to absorb (to draw into itself) undesired toxins from the body. … Continue reading

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Further experience of submitting complaints to TGA portal

On 9 August 2018, the Assistant Director, Advertising Complaints and Compliance Section, TGA requested more information about a complaint I made on 6 July 2018 about Pharmacare FatBlaster products (AC-GBKDH2XG/2018). I believe this request was unreasonable as the information requested could have readily … Continue reading

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ACCC acts on Jacov Vaisman (AMI) and Peter Foster (SensaSlim)

Former Advanced Medical Institute director declared bankrupt For background see: AMI begat MWI begat AMHC… Peter Foster declared bankrupt For background see: SensaSlim banned after medico’s exposure of bogus scientific claims by

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Civil Society Public Forum on Therapeutic Goods Bill: Program, brief report and media coverage

A public forum was held at the Australian National University on 24 January, 2018  to air concerns about the impact on the regulation and advertising of complementary medicines under the Federal Government’s Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2017 Measures No. 1) Bill, … Continue reading

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Very profitable: Australia overdosing on dietary supplements The marketing power of the complementary medicines industry has been highlighted by figures showing that half of Australian women and a third of men are taking dietary supplements. Supplements are taken predominantly by well-nourished people and often in excess … Continue reading

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