COVID-19 Scams: MMSAUSTRALIA.COM.AU – Chlorine dioxide currently describes itself as a ‘Ministry of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing’. It promotes and sells Master Mineral Solution (MMS) – chlorine dioxide (a bleach) as a ‘sacrament of the Church’. For example, ‘Jim Humble Approved formulation of MMS1 is composed of the highest grade 22.4% Sodium Chlorite’. Price $32.50. This is yet another COVID-19 scam. links to (and thus endorses) a number of videos, testimonials, protocols and other material invoking Jim Humble that allege that MMS, ‘has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. These include prohibited representations such as COVID-19, cancer, coronary heart disease, depression and multiple sclerosis. Humble has published a document, ‘Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)’, that provides a protocol of using MMS for coronavirus.

Mark Grenon, self- described as the Archbishop and founder of the “Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, recently wrote to President Trump saying chlorine dioxide ‘can rid the body of Covid-19’ a few days before the president promoted disinfectant as treatment.

The ‘Church’ provides a $300 video course has that, upon completion, provides a ‘Minister of Health Certificate with Reverend I.D. card’ and a ‘Certificate of Authorization to start a Genesis II Church chapter’. We have two such ‘Reverends’ in Australia:

Genesis II Church RC232 AU
Reverend Peter Greg
PO box 83, Westminster 6061 Australia
M: 0403 880 869

Genesis II Church RC946
Reverend Francesco Duardo
Sydney, NSW Australia
M: 0407 807 907

In August 2009, a Mexican woman travelling with her American husband on their yacht in Vanuatu took Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a preventative for malaria. Within 15 minutes she was ill, and within twelve hours she was dead.

In 2010 the CRP upheld three complaints about MMS by me (and others) and recommended that the advertisements be withdrawn, and a retraction be published.

In 2014, the TGA issued a safety advisory about MMS after a report that four people were hospitalised in Victoria after using the product. The TGA noted that MMS was not approved for any therapeutic use and if used for this purpose can pose a serious risk to health.

In 2019, the U.S. FDA warned consumers about the dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects of MMS.

On 24 March 2020, the TGA issued a warning about illegal advertising relating to COVID-19 and stated they would act in relation to the illegal advertising of therapeutic products.

On 8 April 2020, the U.S. FDA wrote a warning letter to Mark Grenon, Joseph Grenon, Jordan Grenon, and Jim Humble of the Genesis 2 Church noting that claims on their websites misleadingly represent MMS as safe and/or effective to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent COVID-19. They were ordered to immediately cease making all such claims.

Regardless, MMS continues to be promoted for COVID-19 and other conditions by This promotion of an unauthorised therapeutic good breaches both the Therapeutic Goods Act and the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.

On 29 April 2020, I asked the TGA to take immediate action against this company, including ordering that a prominent retraction be placed on the home page of and that significant fines be instituted via infringement notices (Complaint AC-Q6V4DYR1/2020).

Update 13/05/2020 – More publicity and TGA Acts

Update 15/05 2020

  • The TGA infringement notices were issued on the evening of 12 May 2020.
  • At the same time a detailed “immediate notice to cease and desist”  was sent requiring MMS Australia to immediately cease advertising and supplying the product.
  • MMS Australia had until COB, Thursday 14 May to provide written confirmation to the TGA that the advertising has ceased.
  • If the TGA finds that advertising does not cease (for example on the MMS website), the TGA will immediately move to seek an interlocutory injunction against further promotion and supply in the Federal Court of Australia.

The MMS Australia web site now shows

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14 Responses to COVID-19 Scams: MMSAUSTRALIA.COM.AU – Chlorine dioxide

  1. Merwyn says:

    This is outrageous! My family has used mms for many ailments, and including Ross River fever and there have never been issues with it. I believe that pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in suppressing low cost effect solutions for health and you are a tool for them. There is still health freedom Australia (apparently) and we will continue to use mms, as will many others, as an alternative to the toxic pharmaceutical industry drugs.

    • Jennifer says:

      You’re an idiot. But you probably won’t believe that either.

    • Andrea says:

      That’s right Merwyn! Leave these people and their pure beliefs to do the work that they are doing! They have THOUSANDS of testimonials all over the world by people in which youtube keeps hiding opps sorry the term is called, ” CENSORING” people don’t want to be poisoned and bleed dry by your institutions anymore. There are scientists, doctors around the world with their hands tied and some still defy your bullshit and are risking their careers to save lives! You can’t keep pushing your agendas and forcing the ” PEOPLE” to do what you want. Go home, love your family and ask yourself, Do you want to keep living in a world where they can make a vaccine ” COMPULSORY” with over a BILLION testimonies claiming illnesses or even deaths from them but given not given a ” CHOICE” when it comes to self care?

      • Mikol says:

        Hilarious if this was not such a serious breach of trust by a Fake Church peddling fake cures for a serious disease. Yes be free to infect and be infected if freedom mean that much to the Selfish and ignorant Who would believe in conspiracy theory. Its no conspiracy that the USA will be out of bounds for many years to come due to the repugnant president and followers as the most infected place on earth. Stay home and observe the regulations. No one has said a vaccine will be compulsory and the choice is do you care about other peoples lives or not?

  2. brian holloway says:

    I’m totally against fake churches and fake remedies. But we face an enormous dilemma. If we stop these fake peddlers, what do we do with the many medications that kill hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Just in Australia a couple of years ago it was 40,000 people admitted to hospital because they had the wrong prescriptions or faulty prescriptions. If we come down hard on one we must come down hard on the other. If you give me 100 people that need a heart bypass within eight weeks. Had a cost of only a couple of dollars. With re-examination by the medical fraternity that man or woman would not need any heart bypass. This is not a joke or scan. Anyone can do it if they follow six simple stepsAnyone can do it if they follow six simple steps at no cost. And it doesn’t put anyone at risk. Because they’re still under their personal doctor and health vositions. And they are on board the whole time. And this can be done with dementia cases as well. At almost no cost I’m talking $10 a week. This has been around for a long long time. Tested and proven and sanctioned. But unfortunately you can’t make any money out of it that’s why it is not publicised. Can you imagine if you actually started this in America how many billion dollars it would take out of the hospital system. So the next question is if you have so many tested and proven applications for better Health. Then why don’t the medical fraternity advertise these. Under the doctors supervision a person I met had low bone density for 37 years under specialists. They don’t why do I suggested at absolutely no cost. Still under the watchful eye of the doctor and specialist. Within eight weeks her bone density improved. Was this a miracle no. Was this miraculous no. Just six simple steps. No pills no potions no con no scam. And the other amazing thing is I do this for free. And the people that benefit are absolutely amazed at how simple good health is. I never suggest and I never advocate anyone leave their doctor or personal specialist. I encouraged him to keep going back and having tests and talk with their doctor and specialist. This is why this is definitely not a scam or con. Or someone who wants self recognition because I do not want my name published. If you trace the conspiracy theories back to the original source you will find that 89 or sorry 99% of all conspiracy cases will fall over after a period of time. But the damage last for centuries. If you trace back why people don’t like vaccines. It is basically because of one Doctor Who was crazy made statements and the hippy era people on drugs because of their delusion run with the idea. The result many nurses in the Middle East were killed because they thought that America was actually making the country sterile. Yes the effects of fake news is very damaging. The only way to stop conspiracy theories is to have a program on TV on how they started and who started them. That is something I would love to be involved in to show these people up for who they really are. If you use this process on religions you would eliminate at least 99% of all religions. If you are not prepared to get rid of the conspiracy or fake news. Then truth will always be hampered. Or manipulated for political or military gane. So the choice is yours

    • Jodie johnson says:

      I swear i swear by mms they have helped healed me & alot of others. They can do what no Doctor can. So listen to nobodies negativity about these.

  3. Berny says:

    Don’t they realise that you can fill in a load of bullshit, when you register.
    false name address and email and phone number
    They must think us Aussies are a pack of lame brained idiots

  4. Athena says:

    Why is this company operating as a church except for the tax free status?

    • Zeteny says:

      Because they are a church, they operate as a church because it allows more freedom in what they do. What they do has helped thousands of people including myself. I suffered with MRSA or Golden Staff Infection, Impetigo, whatever you want to call it. Antibiotics didn’t do it. Nothing that the pharma companies provided could stop this flesh eating bacteria. MMS, however, knocked it out in a week. I use it from colds, to cuts and washing my food. Has never failed me.

  5. Colin Phillips says:

    I have been using MMS for several years – the medical profession has been unable to manage my cystitis but MMS is indeed a miraculous cure for cystitis, I hope those who try to stop the sale of MMS will suffer the pain of this common complaint.

  6. Brian Harris says:

    It is absolutely right that false & misleading claims are challenged & I agree the name MMS & Church concept of distribution seems downright whacky. However, most reports on MMS cannot even get the basic chemistry right & have neither conducted any detailed research or testing. In short, the conversation stops after the word “bleach” gets incorrectly introduced in the same way as any meaningful conversation on another hot topic ends when someone injects the word “racist”.
    Hopefully you are trying to protect people who are not in their right mind, because no one in their right mind would knowingly drink bleach.
    But . . . if the empirical evidence is that MMS actually does help many, many complaints & you have actual personal experience of that then you might just start to open your mind and explore a little further. Sure slap me down, but I assure you MMS will have me back on my feet in no time.

    • Zeteny says:

      Very true. The name was intended to get ridiculed so Jim Humble had time to gather evidence before it got trashed by the establishment.

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