De-registered chiropractor in hyperbaric death probe

Mr Hooper’s chiropractic registration was cancelled in 2013 when the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal found him guilty of six counts of misconduct.

The tribunal ruled that as well as charging Mr Tekin almost $45,000 for more than 200 hours of unproven oxygen therapies for his cerebral palsy, Mr Hooper had made unfounded claims about his ability to treat more than 30 conditions.

Because Mr Hooper is no longer registered as a chiropractor, he no longer has to answer to the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

And because his treatments are not regarded as mainstream medicine, they do not fall under the authority of any medical board.

The situation has left the State Government asking the ACCC to investigate whether Hypermed has engaged in misleading business practices.

The Herald Sun understands that the government is also examining whether it can introduce laws which may outlaw Mr Hooper’s treatments as well as a range of other unproven and suspect therapies.

The legislation will create a new Health Complaints Commission with the power to crack down on dangerous or unethical unregistered health practitioners.

But the Bill is not scheduled to be passed by state parliament until February next year.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency spokeswoman Ainta Rivera said the measures would offer patients greater protection from unregistered practitioners.

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