Monash BME2032 Work Integrated Learning (WIL) students

Aung Oo (BMS 2), Yuet Fonia Wong (BMS 2), me, Arghavan Shafiei (BMS 2), Jack Gerrard (Med 4)

Monash BME 2032 (Biomedical industry based learning) enables students to apply discipline related knowledge to authentic, real-world situations in non-clinical, industry-focused work environments. It also provides opportunities to establish closer links between future graduates and industry partners.

This summer, three BME 2032 students were joined by a Med 4 student who also wanted experience in a research unit.

The students are participating in action-orientated research about therapeutic goods and services. The aim is to help consumers and health professionals cut through promotional hype, make more informed choices about medicines and medical devices and improve the regulation of therapeutic goods.

They are looking at evidence-based complementary medicines (AUST R and AUST L(A), working up complaints about unethical practice that will be submitted to the regulators, analysing policy and assisting with submissions to government.

A visit to Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd has been arranged.

Also, a meeting with Nigel Pollard, Chairman, Natural Health Science Foundation Inc.

And a visit to Therapeutic Guidlines Limited.

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