Monash SPHPM Therapeutic Goods and Services Research Group 2020 pre- & post-COVID-19

Our action-orientated research helps consumers and health professionals make more informed choices about medicines and medical devices. We do this by analysing policy, making submissions to government, submitting complaints about unethical practice, encouraging regulators to act, being a credible source of expertise to the media, and advocacy with organisations such as Friends of Science in Medicine, Skeptics, Choice and Consumers Health Forum.

We used to meet face-to face…

Therapeutics goods and services research group team pre-COVID-!9.
Back row: Ken Harvey (Team Leader), Hannah Charles (MD SIP), Malcolm Vickers (MPH research)
Front row: Anjali Kumar (BBiomedSci honours), Shuyi Wu (BBiomedSci honours)

But not anymore….

Therapeutics goods and services research group team zooming post-COVID-!9.

Regardless, the team pushes on:

  • Mal Vickers is researching complementary medicines and advertising: The impact of Australian policy pre- and post-July 2018, as part of his MPH studies. He has two papers about his work accepted for publication.
  • Hannah Charles researched the literature for CoQ10 to see if it supported commonly advertised claims for this supplement. She has also followed up complaints about CoQ10 advertisements submitted to the TGA worked up by other students. This was all done in her 6-week MD SIP research attachment which has just finished.
  • Anjali Kumar is researching common indications and advertised claims for probiotics to establish if these are backed by scientific evidence and meet regulatory requirements. She is undertaking a BBiomedSci honours degree.
  • Shuyi Wu is researching the history of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) and the role of the Chinese government in encouraging its use. She is then evaluating claims made for listed TCM products promoted for COVID-19 and menopause; in particular, the evidence base for the herbal ingredients used. She is also undertaking a BBiomedSci honours degree.

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