More on MWI; prescribing dangerous drugs withdrawn from Australian market

Another patient has come forward who was charged $5420.00 for the MWI program and prescribed a cocktail of drugs including diethylpropion; a drug withdrawn from the Australian market because of serious adverse effects, including irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, seizures, nervousness, and reports of people becoming psychologically dependent on this medicine.

The drugs prescribed by MWI registered medical practitioner Dr Jacqui Forrester (MED0001634323) and dispensed by the compounding pharmacy, Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, owned by registered pharmacist Daryll Knowles (PHA0001315498) are seen below.

medicationAccording to the patient, the instructions were, take one capsule from bottle 1 (Diethlpropion HCI 75mg and 60mcg Chromium Picolinate) taken every 2nd day.  Two capsules from bottle 2, and three capsules from bottle 3, taken morning and evening respectively, after food, on alternate days to Bottle 1.

In my opinion, this prescription by Dr Forrester puts her in breach of s.2.2 (2),(4),(6); 2.4 (4) and 7.2(1) of the Medical Board of Australia’s, “Code of Conduct”. In addition, in my opinion, dispensing this cocktail of drugs (including diethylpropion) puts the Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals (and registered pharmacist Daryll Knowles) in breach of s.6 and s.15 (erratum: originally cited as s.5) of the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s, “Guidelines on compounding of medicines”.

I reiterate, the regulators should obtain an urgent Court order to take down the offending websites and Facebook material of both MWI and AMHC and place a full page retraction of claims in all the newspapers and all other media in which they have appeared. Retractions are important as they correct egregious misinformation that has previously been promulgated. Penalties should then follow. AHPRA and the MCNSW should deregister Dr Goyer, Dr Forrester and the other doctors involved, the Pharmacy Board of NSW should discipline Daryll Knowles and the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission should issue a public warning about Jowett (an unregistered health practitioner) and permanently prohibit him from providing health services.

For background, see:

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4 Responses to More on MWI; prescribing dangerous drugs withdrawn from Australian market

  1. Carrianne Wilton-howarth says:

    I have paid for this yesterday afternoon, the girl gave me 5 minutes to decide I havent received anything as yet is there any way I can get my money back? Desperate and feeling very sick about this scam $3500 down the drain that I really can’t afford but am desperate. Is there anyone that I can contact to help me????

  2. Dr Ken Harvey says:

    How to get your money back.

    Under Australian Consumer Law suppliers guarantee that services will be reasonably fit for any purpose specified and any products resulting from the services are also fit for that purpose.

    The services and medicines provided by MWI and AMHC; its doctors and chief spruiker Geoff Jowett are clearly not fit for purpose as the appended press article show. Dr Goyer is not a weight loss expert and has been in trouble with the Medical Board before as shown by the conditions on his registration. Geoff Jowett was last year declared bankrupt.

    So, ask for your money back; if that does not produce a response go to your State small claims tribunal.

  3. Naryann says:

    I too was conned when they were obviously going into bankruptcy and I want my money back

  4. Pina Pisano says:

    I signed up and paid MWI in Dec 2015 and received same meds. I was told the were natural.I have now been contacted by email by Matt Chalmers and Dr Forrester wanting to know if I would like to continue with program at a much reduced cost. I am now concerned are they now scamming again. I did loose weight while I was on program. But after reading this website I am angry and concered about my health.

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