More problems with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

All contain Fallopia multiflora also known by the Chinese name ‘he shou wu’ (何首乌)

Following a safety investigation by the TGA, Global Therapeutics, is recalling all batches and all pack sizes of its Fusion Hair Tonic and Oriental Botanicals Hairpro capsules, due to the risk of liver injury caused by an ingredient: Fallopia multiflora also known by the Chinese name ‘he shou wu’ (何首乌). It is marketed for hair thinning, ‘blood tonifying’ and a variety of other conditions.

See: and

It is now a TGA requirement that listed medicines containing Fallopia multiflora for oral use to have the following warning on the product label: ‘Warning: Fallopia multiflora may harm the liver in some people. Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional’.

However, other products containing Fallopia multiflora continue to be promoted without these warnings (above). Do they escape warnings by being regarded as a food, not a medicine? See:

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