MyDNA pharmacy assistant rewards program

I allege that this program breaches S.18 of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (No.2) 2018

“An advertisement must not offer any personal incentive to a pharmacy assistant, or any retail salesperson who is not a health professional, to recommend or supply therapeutic goods”.

Screenshots of the advertisements taken 17/07/2019 follow:

I submit that this is an egregious breach of an important consumer protection provision of the Code and my complaint to the TGA (AC-1M5393FG/2019) should be assessed as high priority.

I ask the TGA to order this program be rescinded and ensure a prominent notice is placed in all media where the program was promoted highlighting the S.18 breach of the Code.

Update 20/07/2019 AJP: myDNA has withdrawn its pharmacy assistant rewards program after Friends of Science in Medicine’s Ken Harvey made a complaint to the TGA

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