“No Advertising Please” NAP campaign (Prescribers need evidence, not marketing)

No Advertising PleaseA nice launch of this campaign helped by the responses from:

  • Medicines Australia (“the idea that you can ignore information from a pharmaceutical company that has conducted extensive research and development to help treat disease is laughable at best and negligent at worst”), and the
  • Australian Medical Association (“the campaign is a bit silly. It’s insulting to doctors. It’s also rather naive).

Good media coverage including ABC TV 7:30 report, The Guardian, Fairfax media, The Australian, The Conversation, Croaky, 6-minutes, OzDoc, the Medical Observer, MJA Insight, and more recently The Wall Street Journal.

See also the following YouTube interviews with:

And a press release from the Consumer’s Health Forum supporting the campaign.

No Advertising Please

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1 Response to “No Advertising Please” NAP campaign (Prescribers need evidence, not marketing)

  1. Rob Purssey says:

    The Australian Medical Association has refused to back this campaign, calling it “a bit silly” I have cancelled my AMA membership as a direct consequence, and call upon others to consider doing so.

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