NSW HCCC Public Warning: Medical Weight Loss Institute (MWI)

Public warning under section 94A of the Health Care Complaints Act 1993Non-evidence Based Weight Loss Programs

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At last! But it took 8 months to get this warning from the NSW HCCC about a now liquidated company.

Meanwhile, what is AHPRA &/or the NSW Medical Council doing about the doctors and the compounding pharmacy involved? For example, Dr Thomas Goyer who used to be weightloss expert at MWI now calls himself a facial rejuvenation expert. Dr Jackie Forrester continues to accept referrals of MWI patients from Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals (the compounding pharmacy).

In addition, new companies have been created by the same people (Geoff Jowett et al.).

See  http://amhc.com.au/AMHC_Advertisment_Adelaide_Advertiser_Feb_19_2017














As I have said before, the modus operandi of AMI, MWI, AMHC, etc., is the same; target vulnerable consumers (erectile dysfunction, overweight, obese, diminished libido), suggest a similar program (spurious laboratory tests (at taxpayers’ expense) to give a veneer of respectability and justify “individualised” treatment), make extravagant (and unsubstantiated) claims, and sign people up, extracting a large amount of money up-front.

The result is that consumers continue to be ripped off and have their health put at risk from inappropriate investigations and prescribing.

What are the regulators doing? Is this consumer protection?


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