Teaching & supervision (Monash University)


  1. BMS3052, The advertising of therapeutic goods and services (and its regulation) and “Whack-a-mole” project (supervision and marking)
  2. PHA2022, Drugs & Society: Drug promotion, advertising and ethical relationships with industry,
  3. MPH5272, Complementary Medicine and Advertising Reform
  4. MBBS Prevention Science, Complementary Medicines.


  1. Aaron Kovacs, Grace Jackel, Summer Vacation Scholarship Program, 2014
  2. Amy Yan, Ned Latham, Summer Vacation Scholarship Program, 2015
  3. Sasha Hall, Tiana Moutafis, Summer Vacation Scholarship Program, 2016
  4. Prasad Ranaweera, For Board Certification as Consultant Community Physician of Sri Lanka, 2017
  5. Amy Vaux, Amy Mustac, Michael Dong, Summer Vacation Scholarship Program, 2017
  6. Alanna Rottler, BMedSc (Hons), 2018
  7. Darci Bucheli, Lucy Romanoff, Summer Vacation Scholarship Program, 2018
  8. Mal Vickers, MPH, 2018
  9. Mary Malek, BMS3990, Semester 2, 2018.
  10. Kithmini Cooray, MB BS, research experience, Semester 2, 2018
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