Swisse “research”

Swisse Press Release Nov 2, 2012

“Complementary medicines save the Australian economy a staggering $7.66 billion per annum through workers having fewer sick days, visiting their general practitioner less frequently and taking fewer prescription medicines”

This result came from extrapolating a self-reported survey of 1000 nationally representative consumers who took complementary medicines and reported that, because of their usage of CMs, they visited their general practitioner less frequently, had fewer sick leave days from work and took fewer prescription medicines over the last 12 months.

Buried in the substance of the report is this disclaimer, “the findings are based on qualitative responses from consumers with there being no intention and therefore no claim of scientific proof of the health or other benefits of CMs’.

But never mind; “You’ll feel better on Swisse”!  Especially if you’re one of their multi-million dollar celebrities paid to spruik their products.

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