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Eligibility for Country of Origin Claims in the Complementary Medicines Sector – RIS Consultation

For background see: https://www.medreach.com.au/made-in-australia-complementary-medicine-taskforce-established-foi-report-outcome/ For the Regulatory Impact Statement Consultation Report. Eligibility for Country of Origin claims in the Complementary Medicines Sector. Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. See: https://consult.industry.gov.au/cool-taskforce/clarifying-eligibility-for-origin-claims/supporting_documents/EligibilityfororiginclaimsintheComplementaryMedicineSectorRIS.PDF The options suggested: I support option 3c. Pros: Consumers would … Continue reading

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Made in Australia?

On 3 December 2018 the Federal Court ruled that encapsulation in Australia of imported fish oil (from Chile) and Vitamin D (from China) did not qualify for the ‘Made in Australia’ logo. The ACCC welcomed the Federal Court ruling that … Continue reading

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