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TGA has lost trust on CMS: Harvey

“a market flooded with shonky products and unethical claims” Open debate needed for TGA to regain trust   TGA has lost trust on CMs: Harvey by

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Omega 3 & Prostate Cancer

The Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC) says a study recently published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute linking Omega-3 intake with prostate cancer is inconclusive and contradictory of a large pool of pre-existing, robust evidence that demonstrates … Continue reading

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Complementary Health Care Council (CHC) rant against critics

“These sceptics have successfully used the media, and abused the advertising complaints system, to force the Department of Health and the TGA into tightening the regulation of complementary medicines into a fully-fledged medical model of regulation, including an evidence regime … Continue reading

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