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Ear Candles: the outcome of TGA complaint AC-5TMWIYHC/2018

Ear candling is a widely promoted alternative medical practice that involves inserting and lighting a hollow candle in the ear canal. It is claimed that candling creates a vacuum that removes wax and that it can also relieve ear ache, … Continue reading

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Complaints to the TGA by Monash SPHPM Summer Vacation Scholarship students

Lucy Romanoff investigated the illegal promotion and supply of body-building supplements in Australia. This problem was highlighted by the ABC earlier this year, but no action has been taken by the TGA about the products mentioned. One ingredient mentioned by … Continue reading

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Consequences of TGA failure to act on complaints about illegal products

Therapeutic goods must be entered by the sponsor in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)¬† before they can be legally sold. The purpose is to ensure consumers have some protection against potentially dangerous or fraudulent goods &/or misleading and … Continue reading

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TGA Consultation: Proposed therapeutic goods advertising code guidance

This submission by Alanna Rottler, Mal Vickers and myself¬† has also has been endorsed by Friends of Science in Medicine. Our previous submissions to TGA consultations have noted that many recommendations made by civil society had been ignored. Most have … Continue reading

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