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TGA Consultation: Proposed therapeutic goods advertising code guidance

This submission by Alanna Rottler, Mal Vickers and myself  has also has been endorsed by Friends of Science in Medicine. Our previous submissions to TGA consultations have noted that many recommendations made by civil society had been ignored. Most have … Continue reading

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Should pharmacists stock homeopathic products?

There has been recent debate in AusPharmList about this topic which has also involved a discussion of their regulation. Currently, any homoeopathic preparation that is more dilute than a one thousand fold dilution of a mother tincture (i.e. 4x or … Continue reading

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Latest Press Release from Swisse; my response

The Swisse press release is available here I quote from it: Our prerequisites were simple…. This list of prerequisites does not include the key concern of myself and others; that the research proposed was to specifically evaluate the efficacy of … Continue reading

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Complementary Medicine Regulation Reform Suggestions

My submission to the TGA Working Group on Complementary Medicine Regulation Reform as a representative of:     Problem It is alleged that some sponsors are not aware of the regulatory issues concerning complementary medicines including the Therapeutic Goods Advertising … Continue reading

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