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TGA Consultation: Proposed clarification that certain sports supplements are therapeutic goods

See: https://www.tga.gov.au/consultation/consultation-proposed-clarification-certain-sports-supplements-are-therapeutic-goods . In Australia, food and medicines are regulated under separate legislated frameworks commensurate with their intended use and the potential risks they pose to public health and safety. Whether a product for oral consumption is a food or … Continue reading

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More complaints to TGA about illegal body building and weight loss supplements

The TGA recently had a $10 million fine awarded by the Federal Court against Peptide Clinics Pty Ltd for breaches of advertising regulations, including advertising prescription-only medicines to the public. However, the company involved had gone into liquidation some months … Continue reading


Launch of TGA Advertising Hub – Initial experience of submitting complaints

This page provides my experience of submitting complaints to the TGA’s new complaint system. It documents the date complaints were submitted and the TGA reference number allocated. Many of these complaints were based on previous complaints upheld by the CRP … Continue reading

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