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Seminar Program, Papers and Presentations: The Advertising of Therapeutic Goods and Services (and its regulation)

Seminar program Papers Ken Harvey. Seminar Background Paper Sitesh Bhojani and Jodie Valadon. The multi-regulator model for Australian Consumer Law: effective or useless? Paul Lacaze & Jane Tiller. Online Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing in Australia: Concerns, Regulation and Recommendations Presentations delivered … Continue reading

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Case study (Sept 8, 2017 Seminar): AMI begat MWI begat AMHC…

In the beginning there was the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI).   AMI begat the Medical WeightLoss Institute (MWI)   MWI begat the Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)     This presentation and others are now available. See also: Yet another weight … Continue reading

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Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)

AMI begat MWI begat AMHC…. These guys are incorrigible…. Now, following the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) and the Medical Weightloss Institute (MWI) we have the Australian Male Hormone Clinic (AMHC)! What are the regulators doing? Are they merely paper tigers? … Continue reading

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Pharmacist (Gerald Quigley) inappropriately promotes Betaglucare (7 Today Tonight)

A colleague asked me how to deal with the claims made for this product in a recent Channel 7 Today Tonight segment, “Tips to lower cholesterol”, featuring pharmacists Gerald Quigley and Lesley Braun. The video voice-over noted that 1 in … Continue reading

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