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Another ineffective TGA complaint outcome: Detox Foot Pads Scams

Image purporting to show toxins withdrawn by detox foot pads. From (6/9/18): https://www.happynaturaltherapies.com.au/shop/happy-feet-foot-patches-box-40-20-pairs/ This product is on the ARTG no: 148412, sponsor: Rebark Trading Pty Ltd – Absorbent; Intended purpose: to absorb (to draw into itself) undesired toxins from the body. … Continue reading

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MWI: Patient stories

See NINE TV News 22/09/2016 (Devon) More below; some names have been changed but the stories are authentic. Rosemary said: I first became aware of the Medical Weightloss Institute through its full page ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail in June … Continue reading

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