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Forthcoming SBS Insight program on Vitamins and Supplements

I spent 3 hours with a very pro-supplement audience, being filmed by SBS last night (6/02/2019) . I was surprised by the number of ‘true believers’. I give talks on complementary medicines to U3A classes but I have never found … Continue reading

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TGA advertising system concerns: response from TGA

For background see:¬†http://www.medreach.com.au/?p=2778 From: SKERRITT, John <John.Skerritt@health.gov.au> Sent: Tuesday, 18 September 2018 21:13 To: ken.harvey@medreach.com.au Cc: MCLAY, Nicole <Nicole.McLay@health.gov.au>; FRANCIS, Jenny <Jenny.Francis@health.gov.au>; SKERRITT, John <John.Skerritt@health.gov.au> Subject: RE: Letter from ACCC – TGA advertising concerns [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] Dear Dr Harvey Thank you … Continue reading

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