Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia: Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao

An illustrative example of products available in Australia from local Chinese outlets. Illegally supplied (no ARTG number), a potentially dangerous ingredient (Aconiti Kusnezoffii Radix), claims that breach numerous section of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (No.2) 2018 (including promoting for serious disease such as TB). This product has been recalled from the market in Hong Kong, but not China. A complaint has been sent to the TGA but presumably it will be classified, ‘low priority’ as most are!

Yunnan Baiyao

See also, Yunnan Baiyao for (veterinary) patients with hemorrhage, neoplasia.

For a broader perspective:

Also, in the Senate debate on the Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 2017, Senator Di Natale argued for an amendment:

‘All indications citing traditional evidence must include the following statement: This traditional indication is not in accordance with modern medical knowledge and there is no scientific evidence that this product is effective’.

But Senator McKenzie said:

‘ A statement required by the Australian government that the indication is not in accordance with modern medical knowledge and that there is no scientific evidence will be seen as arrogant and insensitive to those practising and using traditional Chinese medicine…. The government will not be supporting this amendment by the Australian Greens’.

Senator Di Natale’s amendment was lost.

One of the many fruits of the China and Australia Trade Agreement (2015) which strengthened cooperation in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Steven Ciobo, and Chinese Commerce Minister, Zhong Shan, sign a Declaration of Intent regarding Review of Elements of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, in the presence of Prime Minister Turnbull and Chinese Premier Li at Parliament House in Canberra
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