Undoit Plus finally removed from the ARTG by the TGA but claims continue without the ordered retraction.

UndoitOn February 17, 2012 my first complaint about Undoit (ARTG no: 193428) was sent to CRP, TGA & ACCC. See: Hunt for the truth behind diet pill.

On May 23, 2012 the TGA closed their post-marketing review of Undoit (AUST L 193428)  without any finding because sponsor had removed this product from ARTG.

Some weeks previously, on May 1, 2012 Undoit Plus (ARTG no: 197065) was newly listed on the ARTG. Undoit Plus was identical in composition to the Undoit product (AUST L 193428) the sponsor delisted and the product whose post-marketing review the TGA subsequently closed. The TGA should have known about this but took no action. See: Diet pill avoids sanctions by changing its name.

On June 14, 2012 I submitted a formal complaint about Undoit Plus (ARTG no:
197065) to the CRP, TGA and ACCC.

On July 2, 2012 the CRP issued its determination about Undoit. See also, “Claim that undoit pill blocks all fat and carbs is baseless“.

However, no retraction was forthcoming and the Undoit web site continued to make claims that were meant to be withdrawn.

Finally, on January 3, 2013 the TGA announced the cancellation of the listing of Undoit Plus from the ARTG.

The sponsor announced that,”This website is temporarily down for maintenance”.  However, the web site still contains an animated figure making the same claims as before and there is still no retraction.

Yet another example of the impotence of the TGA and the current regulatory system.

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