Yet another weight loss scam (Dr Thomas Goyer, Geoff Jowett)

On June 23, 2016 “The Age Green Guide” contained a full page advertisement titled, “Medical Team Discovers How To Reset Hormones For Weight Loss“.

The advertisement featured Dr Thomas Clement Goyer, Geoff Jowett and the Medical Weightloss Institute. Claims included:

“Thanks to the team at GTC Medical and the Medical Weightloss Institute (MWI) Australians can now lose weight without strenuous exercise and counting calories – thanks to a treatment that resets the hormones to burn fat for fuel”.

“I had been overweight my entire life and tried everything. Nothing worked. Then I had a consult with Dr Tom and it changed everything. I’ve lost 42kg now and I honestly feel amazing. I had more energy from day 1 on the program. I tell everyone who will listen; they have to try the Medical Weightloss Institute” says Nazih Hamze from Sydney (32 years old)”.

I have submitted a complaint to both AHPRA and the ACCC alleging that this promotion, involving both Dr Goyer and the Medical Weightloss Institute, is misleading, deceptive and exploitative, lacks an evidence base and preys on a vulnerable population, the overweight and obese.

I believe that AHPRA / Medical Council of NSW should prosecute Dr Goyer in the Magistrates Court (Part 7 of National Law) and/or discipline him by referral to a tribunal (Part 8 of National Law). I also suggest that ACCC should obtain an immediate Court injunction against Medical Weightloss Institute to remove the web site content and (by use of an enforceable undertaking) replace it with a large, suitably worded retraction. A similar full page retraction should also be published in the next edition of “The Age Green Guide” and any other placement of this advertisement.  The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission should take action against Geoff Jowett as it appears he is in breach of the NSW Code of conduct for unregistered health practitioners.

Meanwhile, I note the following report about Dr Thomas Goyer.

“Among the AMI doctors who gave evidence was Dr Thomas Goyer. He told the court that the AMI job was not particularly demanding for a doctor “because no one dies of erectile dysfunction” and it was not as “terrible” as it would be to practise as a GP. Although he said the work was repetitious, Dr Goyer was paid $1000 a day. “Dr Goyer did not present as a doctor who was committed to patient care,” the judge wrote, describing the manner in which Dr Goyer presented his evidence as “arrogant, obstructive and unco-operative”.

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7 Responses to Yet another weight loss scam (Dr Thomas Goyer, Geoff Jowett)

  1. Wilson says:

    I agree with your comments. I believe many vulnerable people will fall victims of this scam. I believe they probably will use some sort of medications available on the market such as Saxenda or Xenical and made out they are the ones who custom-designed the weight loss drugs for individuals relying on their pathology test and so forth. In fact I suspect the blood test has nothing to do with it. I support you to lodge multiple complaints to the ACCC to stop the scam.

    Please see my communications with the company below:

    From: Brian Coleman []
    Sent: Friday, 24 June 2016 11:39 AM
    To: wilson
    Subject: RE: Medical Weight Loss Treatment Plan for WILSON

    Thank you for your email.

    As outlined in your quote that’s the exact procedure we take from start to finish. Please read again.

    I totally understand if it’s not for you. There is no elusiveness at all as all is outlined.

    We only refund if medically unsuitable after blood test.

    Please take your time to consider as there is no rush and I hope you have viewed the video links I sent.

    All the best.

    Kind Regards,
    Brian Coleman
    Clinical Consultant l Medical Weightloss Institute
    P: 02 9083 1111

    From: [mailto:wilson]
    Sent: Friday, 24 June 2016 11:32 AM
    To: Brian Coleman
    Subject: RE: Medical Weight Loss Treatment Plan for WILSON

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your reply to my email but I’m not satisfied with your rather vague answers.

    1. Talking over the phone for a couple of minutes is not a proper medical assessment. Your ad appeared to suggest pathology test is mandatory to confirm suitability to take on the program and now looks like it is not inclusive in your FREE medical assessment.
    2. You failed to answer of any medical side effects that I asked.
    3. If it does not work in the time frame that you specified, why should clients are expected to stick to the same program and keep on taking the medication for even longer periods.
    4. $2500 is not a small amount for most people. If you’re so confident in your medical program, if it does not deliver the results that you claim, your guarantee should include money back. As not knowing the side effects of the medications and asking people to keep taking your designed drugs for weeks longer is dangerous.

    Your vague and elusive answers left me wondering…
    It seems I need to do further research before deciding.


    From: Brian Coleman []
    Sent: Friday, 24 June 2016 10:44 AM
    To: Wilson
    Subject: RE: Medical Weight Loss Treatment Plan for WILSON LEE

    1. Please confirm what the “Free medial assessment” advertised in The Age includes? Does this include the pathology blood test to see if the program is suitable for me?

    Talking to me at length generally for people with ill health and needing to lose weight. You are suitable quite simply as we take on extremely difficult cases which you are not.

    2. I checked with some friends and their advices were to be careful of weight loss SCAMS. As such please provide further details of how your guarantee weight loss program work on your claims of 10Kg minimum weight loss in 10 weeks.

    Absolutely be careful, we are the only Company that are tailor making medications based on your bloodwork then complimenting it with nutritionists and weight loss coaches.
    Our demand is quite high now.

    3. How long has your weight loss system been around?

    2years Australia wide.Dr Goyer was doing it for his private clients for 8 years prior.

    4. Is your medical weight loss system proven? Is there any side effects of taking the medications?

    As we base it on your bloodwork and take your medical history with your bloodwork in front of us, extremely rare and if so we just change or adjust your meds.

    5. Can your advertised testimonials be verified?

    Absolutely , due to privacy laws we have only agreed on website.

    Hope that helps.

    If your 10kg takes longer than 10 weeks we stay with you until goal attained. For e.g if it takes 13 weeks, so be it at no extra charge.

    Kind Regards,
    Brian Coleman
    Clinical Consultant l Medical Weightloss Institute
    P: 02 9083 1111

    From: Wilson
    Sent: Friday, 24 June 2016 10:14 AM
    To: Brian Coleman
    Subject: Medical Weight Loss Treatment Plan for WILSON

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the info email.
    Before I commit to your program, I have the following questions:

    1. Please confirm what the “Free medial assessment” advertised in The Age includes? Does this include the pathology blood test to see if the program is suitable for me?
    2. I checked with some friends and their advice were to be careful of weight loss SCAMS. As such please provide further details of how your guarantee weight loss program work on your claims of 10Kg minimum weight loss in 10 weeks.
    3. How long has your weight loss system been around?
    4. Is your medical weight loss system proven? Is there any side effects of taking the medications?
    5. Can your advertised testimonials be verified?

    Thank you in advance for the prompt response to the above questions.


    From: [] On Behalf Of
    Sent: Thursday, 23 June 2016 10:01 AM
    Subject: Medical Weight Loss Treatment Plan for WILSON

    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here

    Dear WILSON,
    Please view video links below

    It was a pleasure to speak with you to get a better understanding of your weight loss goals.

    As we discussed, I believe you meet the eligibility criteria for participation in one of our medical weight loss programs. Each of our weight loss programs comprise comprehensive eating plans, ongoing Program Manager support, and medications tailored by our medical team to help you reach your weight loss goals.

    Our specialist team, comprising doctors, nurses, nutritionist and motivational psychologists assess your medical history and develop the entire program specifically for you. The exact length of the program varies depending upon how much weight you wish to lose.

    Having reviewed your personal weight loss goals, please find below details of the program we recommend for you:

    Program Recommendation
    Name WILSON
    Sex m
    Age 40
    Current Weight (Kg) 85
    Weight Loss Goal (Kg) 10-17
    Program 10kg Min. 10 weeks

    Once you register to participate in the program the process that you will undertake is as follows:
    1. Program Manager Consultation – upon joining our program you will be assigned a Program Manager. The Program Manager is your personal weight loss coach. They are responsible for assisting you on your weight loss journey. Our Program Management team are experts in helping people lose weight. They will explain how the program works and make sure you receive everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals.
    2. Medical Consultation – after reviewing your preliminary consultation and weight loss goals, your Program Manager will book you in for a telephone consult with one of our medical team. Our specialist doctor will review your medical history and discuss any medical conditions you may have to determine what is the best approach for you to reach your weight loss goals.
    3. Pathology Test – to enable us to assess a number of key markers such as cholesterol, cortisol and hormone levels, which can impact upon your ability to lose weight, our medical team will organise a comprehensive blood test. The pathology test is completed at your local pathology centre and can be completed when it suits you. To ensure we have the most accurate information possible, we do require the blood test to be a ‘fasting’ blood test, which is ideally completed in the morning before you eat breakfast.
    4. Program Prepared – following a review of your pathology results, our expert team will then prepare a weight loss program specifically for you. The program will comprise a nutritionist developed eating plan, food diary and activity planner, as well as our tailor made prescription medications designed to tackle your specific weight management issues.
    All of the medications, doctor consultations and pathology tests you receive are included in the cost of the program, and will be monitored by our team to ensure you receive the best possible care. If at any stage you have any concerns or questions your dedicated Program Manager will be on hand to assist.

    Promotional Discount

    I truly believe the Medical Weight Loss Institute offers an unsurpassed means of helping you make a positive difference to your health and well being.

    We are currently running a promotional offer which I would like to extend to you as follow:


    Program 10kg 10 weeks
    Cost $2500
    Initial Payment $500
    Weekly Payment $100 x 20 weeks

    Private Health Fund Rebate

    The programs provided by the Medical Weight Loss Institute are prepared by licenced health care practitioners. Some private health funds offer rebates for doctor prescribed weight loss programs. Speak to your health fund to see if you are eligible.

    Should you wish to go ahead please email me by Friday and I will be happy to assist.
    Kind regards,
    Brian Coleman
    Senior Clinical Coordinator | Medical Weightloss Institute
    P: 02 9083 1111

    A useful App to download with your smartphone is BMI3D

    A great clip on belly fat i have found on the internet (public domain ,no endorsement)
    If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below: Unsubscribe
    Medical Weightloss Institute 36-38 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point, New South Wales 2011 Australia 02 9083 1100

  2. Christina says:

    I was ripped off by Medical Weightloss Institute. They promised that I would lose a erratic amount of weight within a time frame. It did not lose the weight and they extended the program. Not with any extra medication or anything, just a suggestion for a change of breakfast smoothie. I did not lose any more weight and have put it all back on. I was so disheartened by their lack of concern and frequent change of staff who spoke to me, I asked for a refund and received $149.37. I paid $2,495.
    They are snake oil salesmen and I caution anybody to think again and go to their doctor who sees them and knows them rather than a disembodied voice who does not know you or have any interest in you apart from your money. I was relieved to see the SMH article exposed them as frauds.

  3. Belinda says:

    I also have done this paid $2500 plus fees which were not stated at the start of the program. I was told originally that 10kg for as long as needed even if longer than 10weeks. I saw this originally in the body and soul newspaper. I definitely got scammed.
    Doctor didn’t even ring me , I had to ring him, blood tests cost me extra in money , out of my pocket as Medicare didn’t cover all of it. After 6 weeks I got a phone call saying my program was about to end. What the! I said no way I haven’t lost 10kgs . I rang many times to be told my coach will ring me back, never did. I then sent an email and said I was not very happy about the message received stating program end when I haven’t even been spoken to. I also had 3 different coaches . When I told them I was getting onto body and soul they said they would give me another 6 weeks. They re sent me more tablets. I have lost 2kgs but that’s it. I then got told that I need to exercise more so have added body pump and more cardio to my routine. I eat healthy and take the tablets but have just plateaued in my weight. 2kgs is all I’ve lost. Tablets don’t do anything. Now I have to pay $58 per week if I want to stay on the program, which is doing nothing for me. My opinion is its a waste of money. Weight loss coaches that you can’t get a hold of ever and basically all you get are some tablets and then ur on your own. $2500+ waste of money.

  4. Rosin Connolly says:

    I paid $4000 and received 2 large bottles of supplements an email basically telling me to eat healthy foods and some phone calls. I was promised an answer to my difficulty lodging weight through my blood tests. I would not recommend this prism to anyone.

  5. ronald says:

    ive paid about 1400 dollars and got two bottles of pills which made me gravely ill, no joke i nearly died. they did not take my medical condition into account . i had heart problems and shizophrenia which reacts badly with the garcinia cambogia, they did not ask me what illnesses i had suffered to formulate the pills they gave me , on top of this i recieved a couple of phone calls and told them of the dreadful reaction and immediatly they sent me a bag to send back the evidence – instead of giving me appropriate weight loss preparations ,they were more interested in taking the pills back than helping me further, its been about 6 months and all i got was to feel deathly sick BEWARE OF THESES RIP OFFS

  6. De says:

    i paid $3500 i had been talking on the phone and then rang back within half an hour for a reversal of my money. i have not recieved my money back and after constantly ringing and promises made by them and recieving absolutly nothing from them it is a discrace. bad business promises. yes they can take your money in a heartbeat but its been nearly 3 weeks now and they cant even respond.

  7. I paid $3000 to lose 15kilos and four months on still… 15kilos heavier. I received two bottles of pills. A weekly t/c and told to eat healthy. The videos were non educational and provided no value. Or gave me insight to my health problem. I asked for a review of my program due to no weight loss and received an email saying we’ll look into it! Still waiting. So disappointed. It should not be allowed to sell a product that does not work. Oh and I love Geoff’s video about u need to do nothing, no exercise just eat healthy…… Well I exercised and ate healthy (due to allergies) and still nothing!

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